Top-Rated Lawn Aeration Equipment That You Undoubtedly Can Count On

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Agriculture

There’s nothing more appealing in your yard than a well-trimmed evergreen lawn. Having a patchy lawn does more harm to your yard than you can ever imagine. One of the reliable ways you can ensure your lawns grows to their full potential is by aerating the ground. Read on to find some lawn aeration equipment that can restore your lawn to its former glory.

Universal AERA-vator 60T

The UA60T AERA-vator has all you need to ensure your lawn receives a sufficient amount of air to the roots of the grass. It quickly trails behind a commercial or UTV grade mower. Since it’s a user-friendly type of machine, you’re assured of getting excellent results with minimum efforts.

It’s a piece of reputable machinery powered by a 23hp engine, and you can as well operate it with a remote lanyard. It also has an integrated universal shaft system for added versatility. If you have large yards and estates, then this is the ideal choice that you can settle for.

AE40E AERA-vator Tow Behind

For tight spaces, this machine can be pulled behind by any vehicle with a 12-volt power source. From utility vehicles to riding mowers, this machine is a must-have, especially if you’re a landscape professional. It has an open frame for excellent visibility.

Its solid vibrating tires efficiently reduces compacted soil and creates lines to add routine aeration to your lawn surfaces.

Lawn Coring Aerator Manual

If you don’t have a problem with having some elbow grease in your garden, then this type of lawn aeration equipment is the one to go for a manual aerator. It’s affordable and the ideal tool for small yards with fewer lawns.

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