Homestead Lifestyle – 3 Tips for Buying Bull Calves For the First Time

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Agriculture

Many people want to live a homestead lifestyle, but you must find a way to support their families. Owning cattle can help with providing for your household. A cow can provide milk, meat, and lawn mowing. When you start looking for bull calves for sale, you should think about your cattle needs. Read on to learn about tips for buying cattle.

Choose a Breed Type

Choosing a breed is essential when establishing your herd. You have to consider your needs and location. Angus is one of the most popular breeds of cattle. This breed creates the best beef and is more tolerant of different weather conditions. When looking at bull calves for sale, you should also consider genetics.

Check Your Fencing

Some farmers buy a homestead that comes with fencing. You may assume the fence is sturdy. Calves can find that one hole in the fence and escape. It helps to look at the fencing on your property. If your property does not have one, then you will need to install a fence.

Start Small

You should not go out and buy a whole herd of cattle. If this is your first-time raising calves, then you are going to make mistakes. It is best to make those mistakes with three calves then an entire herd. Calves are fragile. You will have to learn how to keep your calves healthy so they can reach their full potential.

It helps to buy cattle from a reputable buyer. You want to buy from a knowledgeable buyer with quality stock.

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