What is Worship Like in the Contemporary Churches in Jacksonville?

by | Dec 30, 2021 | Religion

You’ve attended worship in churches that held to a traditional mode of worship. Lately, the idea of exploring what the contemporary churches in Jacksonville have to offer has been on your mind. What would the worship services be like? Here are some examples of what to expect.

You’re likely to see both traditional and contemporary hymns used during the service. In many instances, they may be offered with the aid of a live band or maybe the use of video presentations. Even if you don’t recognize some of the newer hymns, it won’t take long before you decide to join in the singing.

Next, the general mood of the service is likely to be more relaxed. Typically, there’s no set routine that must be followed. While there will be elements of the service that seem familiar, they aren’t necessarily arranged in the same order from week to week.

You’ll also find that many contemporary churches in Jacksonville are filled with people who are wearing everyday clothing. Many of these churches focus more on the ministry of presence than on what people are wearing. Outside of expecting the attire to be modest, no one is likely to object if people come in who are not dressed in what other churches consider Sunday best clothing.

If you’ve never been to a contemporary church before, consider attending one soon. You may find that it’s the ideal place to embrace your faith in new ways.

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