Tips From An Blue Bell, Pa Residential Electrician To Stay Safe

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Electrician

Any reputable Residential Electrician in Blue Bell, PA knows that electrical problems lead to 10s of thousands of home fires each year. Hundreds of people end up dead because of these fires. Fortunately, there are precautions that individuals can take to reduce the chances of fires starting in their homes. It’s important to be proactive if house fires are to be prevented.

Get An Inspection

The first thing that anyone serious about fire prevention will do is to get an inspection by an Blue Bell, Pa Residential Electrician. During an inspection, hidden fire hazards can be detected. For example, if a home has old and outdated wiring, an electrician can tell a homeowner that they need to upgrade it in order to remain safe. Old wiring and circuits might not be able to handle the electrical load that people use these days.

Know Warning Signs

Residents should also learn how to detect problems themselves. When lights seem to dim and flicker for no reason at all, there could be an electrical problem. If changing the light bulbs doesn’t solve the problem, an electrician should be contacted. Outlets that seem to be hotter than normal are also problems. Fuses and breakers that are constantly having issues could mean that a system is overloaded and having problems.

Use Electricity Responsibly

Some people use extension cords in place of outlets. It’s much safer to call an electrician to have more outlets installed than it is to use extension cords. Running cords under carpeting is another thing that should be avoided at all costs. If the cord gets too hot, a fire can easily be started. Again, an electrician can be called to install a new outlet closer to the appliance or electrical system that needs power. Any cords that are broken or frayed shouldn’t be used.

House fires are a real threat. With the help of Nalset Electrical Services. and other quality contractors, residents can work to ensure their safety. An electrical inspection should be done on any property that a person is thinking of buying for themselves. Homeowners who have owned their homes for decades should also think of getting inspections to make sure systems are holding up.

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