Finding Assisted Living Homes in Utah County

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Assisted Living Facility

Every day in the United States the number of senior citizens increases. This demographic is the largest and fastest-growing one currently as the baby boom generation, born between 1946 and 1964, ages. Most older people wish to “age in place,” and stay in their own home as they grow older, but many find this an impossibility with decline in health or ability to care for themselves on their own. Perhaps the senior has lost driving privileges or had a stroke, or has limited mobility or function and cannot completely care for him/herself alone. This has created a new challenge with balancing the fierce independence of older folks with the reality of not being completely autonomous in activities of daily living.

Assisted Living Homes in Utah County provide a solution. They provide At Home Senior Care with non-medical services such as meal preparation, light housework, laundry, running errands, taking clients to appointments, and most importantly, companionship and friendship. Activities can be customized to the individual clients’ needs. Medical advocacy may even be provided, if needed, as well as video camera and audio monitoring. Companions can be scheduled for as little time as one day to week for four hours to as much as twenty-four hours a day every day of the week. Many seniors in the community, themselves healthy and independent, are serving as companions to other seniors.

Of course, when looking for Assisted Living Homes in Utah County for a loved one, the reputation of the company is paramount. Check for licensing, bonding and insurance, and get referrals from neighbors, friends, churches, and social organizations. Ask questions about the training the staff receives and how workers are matched with clients. Find out how the company handles complaints or conflicts. It is also important to find out whether insurance will pay for any of it (usually not), and how financing is handled. Aging is a challenge under the best of circumstances. Maintaining one’s own residence and staying at home as long as possible with the proper care is a goal that can be achieved through the appropriate choice of home care giving.

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