Why Suboxone Is the Best Treatment for Opiate Addiction in Illinois

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Addiction Treatment Centre

If you, or someone you know, is dealing with opiate addiction, you know how devastating to your life it can be. Opiates can completely destroy someone. Thankfully, there are several different treatments that can be used. The most popular one is considered to be suboxone in Belvidere IL.

Assisted By Medicine

Detoxing from opiates can be very dangerous if not done under the supervision of trained professionals. In fact, there is such a heavy withdrawal effect that medicine is often required to lessen the risk of relapse. Suboxone has been proven to be more effective than methadone.


Unlike other pharmaceutical solutions that some clinics use, suboxone lasts for quite a long time. A typical dose will ease the opiate receptors in the brain for an average of 24 hours. This means that for one full day if you take an opiate, it will not give you the high that you are looking for. It will also block any signals from the brain that make you crave it. You won’t miss not getting high because the suboxone is preventing you from doing so.

Suboxone Ceiling

While suboxone will get you high in a safer manner, some people think that they can get around the signal-blocking effect by simply taking more suboxone in Belvidere, IL. However, this particular chemical has what is known as a “ceiling effect” that prevents you from getting any higher.

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