Where to Find an Extension for Media Bias Check in the United States

by | Feb 15, 2023 | News

Media Bias Check

Do you wish there was a media bias check technology that you could use online? If you are tired of the divisive state of news and journalism, this browser extension will be of great help. It utilizes AI-powered algorithms to scan articles automatically. Afterward, you will receive a rating analysis about how the news source leans. This rating will show you how they will portray politicians and policies.

Each rating generated derives from the latest data science and analytics. Therefore, you can get the best results each time and understand the news better. The service is provided via a free subscription and is for subscribers only.

Extension for the Chrome Browser

You can install this extension for free if you use the chrome browser. Simply go to the website and register for a free account first. Then, you need to log in to the account on your computer. If you want to pin the app, click on the puzzle icon next to your profile picture. Each time you tap on the app, it will show you a bias meter.

Go to a political website and click the app’s icon to check the news. After a couple of seconds, a rating will be generated, and you can share it with friends on social media if you want. In addition to news sources, this extension will also rate posts on Facebook and Twitter. Ratings will appear at the bottom of each post, and you can click on a link to learn more. Scores are graded on a scale of -100% to +100%.

Contact Biasly.com at https://www.biasly.com/.

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