Users of Stiletto Knives Find That They’re More Than Just Good Decorations

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Knives

While stiletto knives are extremely attractive blades, a number of collectors have gone on record saying that they’re every bit as functional as they are beautiful. Though they might have once been used as thrusting blades in Italy during the Middle Ages, modern stiletto knives are works of art in many ways that also have a strong edge that’s useful for tackling many sorts of daily chores. Perhaps most importantly, they’re often designed to be open with just a single hand.

Craftspeople who want to buy automatic knives are probably going to look at clip blades that deploy a blade whenever a button gets pushed on the side. Traditional flipper knives are practical in many ways, though a switchblade stiletto will often prove to be much lighter than these designs in most applications. That makes them an ideal choice for situations where you want to limit how much gear you’re carrying in a bugout bag.

Technicians and other specialists who need durable tools that can fit into delicate places have long been attracted to these elegant blades. Though they might look more stylish than anything else in their toolboxes, they’re a great pick for those who have to strip wires and perform other tasks while one hand is holding onto another workpiece. Those who are particularly serious about their professions will sometimes even order a custom blade that’s been fitted to the needs of their specific industry.

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