Representatives of Air Pollution Control Systems Companies Release New Tech

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Air Quality

You might never have heard of a regenerative thermal oxidizer, but it’s quickly becoming one of the most important devices for improving air quality in an industrial setting. That’s because of a number of representatives from air pollution control systems companies who have worked to promote these kinds of technology on a national scale. Since it’s relatively affordable and reliable, these kinds of oxidizer modules can fit into almost any type of business organization.

A regenerative thermal oxidizer works by decomposing the type of volatile organic compounds that enter ambient streams of air through painting, varnishing and grinding processes. All of these techniques could potentially release particles into a workshop, which might then act as a health hazard as well as something that could cause serious damage to equipment. Once the oxidizer module has hold of these compounds, it breaks them down into components that are much easier to deal with and dispose of.

That’s particularly important for firms that do a great deal of fabricating in-house and end up producing a large amount of waste that gets ejected into the atmosphere around them. By investing in this kind of technology, firms that find themselves dealing with these sorts of problems may even be able to save money since eliminating these pollutants can help to preserve equipment. Maintenance costs could potentially drop over time as well, which is good for those dealing with a strict budget.

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