A Plant Service in Miami that Offers Hope for Those without a Green Thumb

by | Oct 22, 2021 | Plants

Whether you are short on time or talent for keeping plants alive, it is possible to give your office space a lush, attractive ambience with the addition of indoor plants in Miami. Choosing to add some greenery to your workspace could also help cut down on sick building syndrome and raise employee alertness and motivation.

Included with Your Choice of Foliage

Not only do you have a wide variety of plants from which to choose, but maintenance of all greenery is included when you sign up for indoor plants in Miami. You have the option of lease or purchase. Your choices include what type of plants and the size and color of stylish containers.

There are plants that require low light, medium amount of light or high light. Orchids are also an option. The location, size and number of windows in your office space will be a factor in the type of plants you have to choose from.

Lease or Purchase

Your needs determine the type of contract you wish to have for your indoor plants in Miami. Leasing could be the way to go for your office if your need is short-term. This includes all plants, their containers and maintenance on a regular schedule. Damaged plants will be replaced if necessary, or you might decide on another type.

If you know you will want to keep the plants long-term, purchasing them outright could be the best choice. Maintenance is still included, as it is with leased plants.

Some of Your Plant Options

Plants that require low light include the cane plants and Spathiphyllum Supreme. Yucca Crane and Lime Light are medium light plants. White Bird of Paradise and Pony Tail Palm are high light choices. Whichever plants best suit your taste and office space are guaranteed to beautify the area.

Contact Tropical Plant Leasing today at https://tropicalplantleasing.com to discuss your plant needs. A free consultation and quote are yours for the asking.

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